Make a dream come true…Make me a Lange Girl!

Make a dream come true…Make me a Lange Girl!

Hi Guys! My name is Amanda and I am from New Hampshire, which is where my love for skiing began at 2 years old when my Dad put me on skis at Waterville Valley. I started racing shortly after that as a “mighty might” and continued racing through high school. I raced for Waterville Valley Academy, then Holderness School. I finished grad school a few months ago and packed up my belongings and drove across the country to Truckee California (Squaw Valley USA baby!)
 Skiing out here has made me fall in love with the sport all over again. I am also no stranger to the ski business and promoting. I have worked my fair share of ski shows with my Dad who is in the business. I know you guys aren’t looking for a model and yes, I know I have a few “model” pictures up here, but trust me- I am not a model who doesn’t ski…I am a true local girl who does actually ski.
I could write a lot on here about my passion for skiing and give you countless examples pertaining to why I’d like to be a Lange Girl, but I’d like to keep this somewhat short and sweet. I hope that my pictures, my various posts on Freeskier and this bio will speak for itself. What I want you to know more than anything is that skiing is a H U G E part of my life and A L W A Y S will be. I love everything about skiing; I live for it.
It would be an absolute honor to be a Lange Girl- a Dream Come True. Lange Girls are a staple in the ski world and to be a part of it would be AMAZING, EMPOWERING and I am sure one heck of an adventure. So why should you pick me as your next Lange Girl? Why should I be the one to be the 2009 national winner? First and foremost, I will do my best to represent the brand because I believe in it and I believe in the Lange Girl concept. Also, have NO DOUBT- I can certainly “talk the talk and walk the walk”. I am super outgoing, confident and I’m a ball of fire and live for new experiences- Freeskier & Lange- Please give me the privilege of being your next Lange Girl. I’ll make you proud 😉 Thanks!

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