A long long time ago

A long long time ago

Once upon a time back in 1987 my parents decided to strap some skis on to my sorel boots and throw me in a pink one piece and push me down the hill in the back yard in good ole’ Jacksonville, VT from there they let me fend for myself. I was 18 months old, from there it was history and skiing became an addiction.

Around 10 years old I got into the whole ski racing world. I started ripping down the front side of Aspen mountain in Colorado. Soon I realized that skiing had become my life and I took the opportunity to go to a winter sports school and really focus on my racing career. I jumped over the mountains to Crested Butte. I spent my entire high school time completely devoted to racing, but I also slowly started to find interest in the AMAZING extreme terrain. Soon I found myself trying to find a way to find freeride skis so I wouldn’t ruin my pristine race skis. My senior year I hurt my knee and my ski racing career was over. This completely changed my ‘future plan’….no more going to a college and getting a scholarship because I was skiing for them.

I moved to (out of all places) Reno, Nevada for college. I got a pass to Northstar-at-Tahoe and taught myself how to ski park. It didn’t take long until I was pushing myself to hit all the features that were in front of me. Last year I was lucky enough to FINALLY get a squaw pass and go rip around one of the most amazing mountains I have ever skied. This year I was given a dream job for a person my age as a freeride coach at Northstar-at-Tahoe. I am tickled that I will be able to be on snow everyday! Life doesn’t get much better than that while you are a full time college student!

I am so thankful that I was introduced to skiing and I have met and have support for so many people. I wish everyone could feel what it is like to ski, because words cannot explain….and really…after a wicked day of skiing a good ole’ PBR makes the day that much better.

Like I said above I am a full time college kid at University of Nevada, Reno. I graduate in May (the count down is on!). I am loud and vivacious and love to be noticed. I’d rather be cold than warm. My favorite color is sparkle, and yes that is a color. I am luck enough to have the parents I did that pushed me down that hill in our back yard, I am even more lucky to have had the opportunity to travel all over the place to ski. I think I am gangster, but lets face it I am not. Everyone calls me Bud, and if you are wondering why I will explain it on a chairlift ride with you sometime. I have found myself stuck in the park lately, but a day with pow (pray for this el nino to bring us the GOOD stuff) is priceless. You only live once so you should take EVER opportunity you have to enjoy yourself…and SKI!

So lets shred someday! Northstar, Squaw, Boreal! I am there! Buy me a PBR and I’ll be your best friend! I think that I would be a good Lange girl because I have grown up in the skiing and have a true love for the sport.I have experienced every aspect of skiing and want to further my adventures! In my mind I think that the Lange girl should be a real ski town girl not a chick that can just look pretty with a hat and a winter jacket on..or in some cases nothing. You are not a skier if you go up once or twice a year, you are a vacationer. I wake up every morning and head to my ski area of choice for the day.The Lange girl should be someone that is willing to go and rip gnarly terrain and get nasty in the park. Lange is a big brand in the ski world and they need a true skier babe that can properly represent them….like ME!



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