Long live walkie talkies: A love letter to the tech we all oughta love

Long live walkie talkies: A love letter to the tech we all oughta love

WORDS — Connor W. Davis

Say what you will, but walkie talkies are the single-most important piece of technology in all of skiing. Resort meet-ups… Backcountry link-ups… Ski town break-ups… Walkie talkies are for everyone, everywhere, anytime. May their conversations stay lively, and may their batteries stay charged. Over and out.


“Little Ripper. This is Big Ripper. Do you copy? Over.”

“Ugh. What, Dad?”

“Big Ripper is about to absolutely rip a groomer. Let’s get hot chocolate with your park rat friends in 15. Over.”


“Roger that, Little Ripper. You better be wearing a helmet. Over and out.”


“Say over and out, Little Ripper.”



“Dropping in 3… 2… 1… Yewww!”


“Wait. How big is this cliff? Yewww!”

“Not that big. Yewww!”

“But seriously… How big? Yewww!”

“You got this, dude. Yewww!”

“I’m extremely worried about the size of this cliff and need you to give me the exact measurement. Yewww!”

“Lol, What? Yewww!’”


“Après Tiger. Do you read?”

“Après Tiger is dancing its tail off. Boots fully buckled.”

“Après Tiger, you haven’t paid 

your rent in three months. 

We need to talk.”

“Après Tiger spent all its Tiger Bucks on après. Whoops!”

“Okay. Trust Fund Turtle is taking over your room. It’s not you. It’s the Trust Fund.”

“Après Tiger gets that. Can I keep my walkie talkie?”

This story originally appeared in FREESKIER Volume 25, Issue 02.
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