Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Most people think I am a little twisted, crazy and insane when I tell them I go from winter to winter without summer sunshine in between, but for me its a no brainer!!

I am a 20yr old fully certified ski instructor, traveling the world and living with my first love – skiing.

Growing up in New Zealand and traveling to Mammoth every year I find myself correcting people that, no, I did not just say ‘sex’ i said SIX… and educating people on words like ‘heaps’, ‘sweet’ and answering the question ‘what is a kiwi??’

My parents always joke that I was born with skis on my feet (painful for my Mom right?!) but this is not far from the truth! As soon as I could walk my dad strapped skis to my feet and it feels like they never came off!

My dad manages a ski resort in New Zealand, so skiing was not really a choice for me on day one. Ski school was my day care from an early age and soon that developed into a strong ski racing career, a passion and a lifestyle. Now it is a choice, and I choose to live skiing.

My plane tickets from one powder destination to the next are earned by teaching people to ski at Mammoth Mountain and Cardrona, New Zealand. Thats right – I rep a goggle tan 365 days a year.

I believe I would make an excellent Lange Girl because I know Lange and I know Lange is looking for an outgoing ski town girl who is committed to skiing, tears up any mountain with immense amounts of steeze and looks pretty damn good whilst doing it. Lange – I am your girl.

This crazy world for me is all about lifestyle and being happy, it is about making great friends from all over the world, living in the mountains, skiing everyday, and having a huge grin on my face when the snow falls!

I live hard, work hard, party hard, play hard and ski hardest.

My dream is to ski the world, experience different cultures, histories, ways of life and to be happy.

I am living the dream.

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