Line Skis’ Traveling Circus drops in at Windells Camp during Session 5

Line Skis’ Traveling Circus drops in at Windells Camp during Session 5

Windells Camp has been churning out edits all summer long, and they've featured some rockin' action. It appears that everyone was just warming up, however, because the latest video to come out of Hood is the best one yet.

The Line Traveling Circus crew (including Will Wesson, Andy Parry, Jack Borland, Erik Olson, Jeff Curry, and LJ Strenio), and many other pros get pretty darn tricky on the glacier. Enjoy!

Check out some photos and read more below.


From Windells: The Line Traveling Circus was in Windells Camp for Session 5 and it was a party. The Windells Diggers went all out this session, building a really creative park that included a bunch of the summer’s best rails and jibs, including a flat rail to stair set, a pole jam to down rail line on the side of the big jump, and a ‘T’ made out of tubes. Andy Perry, Will Wesson, and Josh Malczyk were lapping the park, laying down some crazy maneuvers and turning campers’ heads. Meanwhile, LJ Strenio, and Eric Olson destroyed the big jump. Then there was Jeff Curry, who was destroying every jump and rail he hit. The whole team was killing it and making sure the campers were in on the action as well. Campers not only lapped with the Line team on hill, but also played games of knockout, ski trivia, and even product races.

Tom Wallisch was at camp this session, too, lapping the park and testing out new Scott USA skis. You will see him here all Session 6 as well. Along with Wallisch, Mike Hornbeck throwing down some impressive tricks with ease. Basically, the park was packed with amazing skiers. Women’s Association of Freeskiing Professionals Champion, Devun Logan, along with Men’s AFP Champ, Gus Kenworthy were showing their skills in the park, as well.

Last but not least at Windells this past session, was the double cork show. Every single double was thrown down on Windells’ big jump. The whole week, both pros and campers were slaying it, having a good time, all while going upside down twice. Some people took some diggers, and some were sticking tricks effortlessly, but everyone was having fun. Session 5 was a memorable one. Next up is Session 6, which is sure to be fun, with Surface Skis and Skullcandy hosting the week. For updates and more go to www.windells.com


John Ware shows the campers what's up.



Mike Hornbeck loves chasing tail.



Sean Jordan goes cork 7.

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