Last minute Lange girl….!!

Last minute Lange girl….!!

….Because you’ve never met a girl who loves skiing so much. Ever since she first strapped skis on her feet at a mere 2 and ½ years, she’s been coming back for more. Skiing’s given her quite a beating in the years since: two concussions, a displaced disc, broken leg, torn MCL, (and on Valentine’s Day, at that,) many a fat lip, snow-rashed face, chronic shin bang…but, as in every love affair, she knows you give a little, you take a little…that there are some days when she wears the snow pants in the relationship, and the mountain gets to know who’s boss.
Sprinkle some whiteness on her world and you’ll send this girl into all kinds of a frenzy, soon she’ll be chasing winter around the globe. Diamond ring? No thank you, sir. Heli trip and some fat new boards to ride with? Yes, please! I’ll consider a date…
Ski racing took her to exotic mountain locations and maxed out her annual snow count at over 100 days, but now with a shift in ski direction, sponsorships gone, and no one to pick up the ski bills, this snow worshipper is in danger of living in an ice cave, and restricting herself to a diet of melted snow and assorted lodge cafeteria condiments.
“Ski Naked” is a fun ski town souvenir shop motto, but not so fun a reality in Montana and Vermont’s brutal, negative-digit winters. Keep this girl clothed! –or at least in top of the line ski boots…Make her a Lange girl.

So, in all seriousness, I realize that this is an extremely last minute entry, and there isn’t time to rally hot votes in the thousands. BUT: I figured why not try …hopefully the judges will recognize a devoted skier when they see one.
As I mentioned above, I’ve been playing in the snow my whole life. Skiing since 2, at age 10 I started ski racing. I ran with that for 11 years –attending tutorial programs and ski academies in the winter, and invitee National Development System camps around the world. I dabbled up to the NorAm circuit level and spent a year on Montana State University’s Division I Varsity Team, achieving a slalom rank of 7th in the nation in my age group… Throughout that entire time ski racing, however, my passion has always been pure skiing. I appreciated the opportunities to travel and the amount of days on snow that ski racing allowed me; but the sport is so demanding of you, the risk of injury so high, that to participate in it, you have to love it completely. I used to, but my ski goals are moving in a new direction.
At the moment, I’m working on dropping bigger and bigger cliffs, attempting to chase my younger brother through the park, (it’s a lost cause…he’s phenomenal. Can I advertise? YouTube: Dingle Ski 07/08 –but maybe I’ll throw in a spin or two while I’m at it,) and generally, just embracing the joy skiing brings to my life. I don’t see my competitive nature laying low for too long. Although done racing, recently back from New Zealand’s winter and catching my third ski season in a row, I still have a lot more to offer this sport. My skiing is moving towards big mountain, and as much as I say I’m taking a break from competition, well… let’s just say, several buddy-of-mine proponents of it won’t stop buzzing in my ear.
In the offseason, I continue to be active and constantly outdoors. I complement my skiing with biking –cross country, road, and downhill. I’ve competitively mountain biked for the last six years, (4th at 2007 Nationals in Expert Cross Country, 3rd at 2007 Nationals in Super D,) and will start that, and road racing, up again this summer after a season out with a torn knee.
I see Lange girl moving from pure pinup to hardcore athlete, with a “Think I’m hot now? Wait ‘till you see me on skis…” sex appeal, that mirrors the upward direction extreme sports women’s fields are moving in. To me, this is an opportunity to advance the attention and credit given to all tough, strong, courageous women athletes.
Already flashing those baby blues on the slopes, I would represent Lange well. Unfortunately my ski shots are few and far between (who wants to wait and take pictures while skiing…) so all you get is some starfishing and backseat riding. HOWEVER, I will back my words… Need proof? Meet me at the mountain.


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