Kaya Turski Wins European X Games Slopestyle

Kaya Turski Wins European X Games Slopestyle


The same junk weather, flat light and speed issues that plagued the men in qualifiers, affected the women in their finals as well. The third jump on the slopestyle course, also closed for the event. But the women put their collective noses to the grindstone, dealt with the weather and put on a show for the crowd. Today it was Kaya Turski who took home the gold, grabbing her fourth consecutive X Games gold medal (two in Aspen and two in Tignes). Keri Herman skied her way into a silver medal, for the second time in a row in Tignes. And joining her fellow Quebecois Turski on the podium was Kim Lamarre in the bronze spot. This is Kim's first X Games medal. Here are the top three runs:

Kaya Turski – Kaya kicked things off with a 270 disaster on the flat-down box into a 540 on the first jump in the course. She then switch disastered the flat-down rail, coming off forward. On the triple-rail option she opted for the flat to gap down box, taking it to switch. On the final feature Turski put down her dialed in switch 720 to take gold. Watch Kaya's run here.

Keri HermanHerman got things going with a switch disaster on the flat-down box, into a 360 on the first jump. After disastering the flat-down box, Herman opted for the rainbow rail, front 270ing out. On the final jump, Keri dropped a switch 720 and picked herself up some hardware. Watch Keri's run here.

Kim Lamarre Kicking her run off with a switch lipslide on the down bar, Kim moved into a 360 afterward. After 270 disastering the flat-down rail, Kim upped the ante by throwing a blind switch up on the flat to gap down box. On the final hit, Kim puts forth a nice 540 and receives a shiny bronze medal for her efforts. Watch Kim's run here.


L-R: Keri Herman, Kaya Turski, Kim Lamarre

Anna Segal, the current FIS World Champ for women's slopestyle came up a few points shy of a podium finish, but not without a fight. Flatspin 360s and 720s are her thing, but they just weren't enough to bump up her whole run onto the podium. Devin Logan ended up in 5th place, due to the 720, rodeo 540 and 270s, but she also suffered a pretty bad crash on her second run. While she is in good spirits, Devin managed to injure her right hand, but she still maintains that she might be able to compete in Friday's pipe finals still.

Ashley Battersby, whose 270s were on lockdown today, grabbed sixth place, while Emma Dahlstrom and her corked 720s on the bottom jump took seventh. The young teen Katie Summerhayes of Great Britain showed her potential today especially ending her third run with a 900, the only one of the day.


Devin Logan

Despite the weather being not only a hindrance, but a safety factor, the women hung tough and put down impressive riding on the demanding course here at Winter X Europe in Tignes. But now that the contest is over, what will this do to the AFP standings? How will things shake up? Are the races tighter than ever as we move towards the AFP World Champs in Whistler in April? Find out all the information you need over at the AFP site.

Women's Slopestyle Finals:
1 Kaya Turski — 92.00
2 Keri Herman — 89.00
3 Kim Lamarre — 88.33
4 Anna Segal — 84.00
5 Devin Logan — 83.66
6 Ashley Battersby — 76.66
7 Emma Dahlstrom — 74.00
8 Maria Bagge — 73.33
9 Katie Summerhayes — 69.66
10 Tiril Sjastad Christiansen — 69.33

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