Kaya Turski Interview. Check her edit!

Kaya Turski Interview. Check her edit!

Kaya Turski has been healthy and throwing down this summer getting ready for the upcoming competition season. From Whistler, to home in Montreal, Mount Hood and back again, Kaya Bamba doesn’t ever let skiing stray far from her mind. We caught up with her while she is taking a minute to relax in Montreal. She sent us her edit from the summer and talked to us a little bit about her skiing, her training and what to watch for in the women’s world this year.

FS: Where was this edit filmed?
KT:All of it was filmed in Whistler by Steve Horton from Salomon FreeskiTV. Most of it was from their park but there’s some stuff from the COC park up on the glacier.

FS: How was riding whistler all summer?
KT: Awesome! I missed some riding because I was in Montreal all of June hanging out (which was great!), but was lucky enough to be able to ski both Momentum and COC so I got a lot of sweet riding in.

FS: What are you stoked on for the upcoming season?
KT: So much! I definitely want to compete a lot again this year. Hopefully Dew Tour puts women’s skiing as a full event, I think we proved ourselves last year. I want to focus on the big comps like Dew Tour and X-Games and then film a lot more than I did this year. After this season, I have a better idea of how I can use my time to it’s fullest and I think i’ll be able to film a lot more. I think I’ll be skiing in Mammoth a lot with my girls Kim, Kristi and Maude which is going to be sweet. Can’t wait!

FS: What new tricks are we going to be seeing from Kaya Turski?
KT: Ooo.. new tricks hey. I’m actually at Woodward East right now training on my skates, jumping a bunch into the foam pit trying to learn some new rotations. Well I don’t like to talk the talk unless I can walk the walk, but what I can say is I’m doing some switch unnaty and some more off axis rotations. Trying to get my jumping game on!

FS: Who else in womens skiing are you excited to watch for this season?
KT: Well there’s a bunch of girls I’m stoked on… but I’m really excited to see Kim Lamarre and Maude Raymond come in with a bang just because they’re coming back strong from injuries and I think they have a lot to show. I also got to ski with Megan Gunning this summer and was pretty blown away. Definitely someone to keep your eye on in the next few years.

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