K2 Wins 2010 Orage Masters [Video]

K2 Wins 2010 Orage Masters [Video]

While a subtle rain fell throughout the day, the seventh annual Orage Masters went down in Whistler, BC. True to the spirit that has fueled the contest for the better part of a decade, this year's event was no less chaotic, creative and downright ludicrous than any year before it. Eight teams participated in this year's Masters, going head-to-head down to the last duo: K2 versus 4FRNT, two of the most creative groups of people the Masters have ever seen.

K2's theme this year was Rockers; a theme that K2 has been pushing since the season got underway. And today proved: you just can't touch Rock and Roll, no matter how hard you try. The team smashed guitars, chugged beers, and, oh yeah, THREW DOWN on the course today. Matt Margetts not only front flipped the hip, he front flipped his girlfriend off him at the base. Pettit rocked (no pun in intended/I'm super clever) super fat reverse-camber skis; and straddled the down/flat rail. Ouch. Sean Jordan is just the man. And Anna Segal came through with epicness. Being vague has never felt so right. More details, full story, and more photos are on the way, but in the meantime, join us at the Longhorn tonight for a party that may just be more crazy than the event itself.

First Place: Team K2
Best Costumes: Team Salomon
Best Choreography: Team Amplid
Best Halftime hoe down: Team Surface

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