The K2 Free Skis For Life Contest Nigh At Hand

The K2 Free Skis For Life Contest Nigh At Hand

After all the Golden Ticket hubbub has quieted down and the ski season is now just about over for most folks, the time has come for all five of the ticket finders to travel to K2’s factory in Washington and compete in a secret mission, headed by none other than Seth Morrison, for a chance to win free skis for life. Next Tuesday the chosen five will enter the K2 factory and only one will emerge (victorious, no one will actually be harmed).

To jog everyone’s memory, here is a rundown of the five ticket holders:

Ticket Winner #1

Name: Nico Virgi
Location: Logan, Utah
Quotable: “I’ve never met Seth. I’ve watched many of his videos, but not had the chance to meet him. So I’m very excited about that.”

Ticket Winner #2

Name: Taylor Lessard
Location: Woodstock, VT
Quotable: “At first I didn’t believe any of it, I thought it was a joke. It’s almost too good to believe.”

Ticket Winner #3

Name: Jeff Collie
Location: Virginia, Minnesota
Quotable: “It’s definitely a reason to smile and to hoot. I’m very excited to go to the K2 factory and meet Seth and compete for the chance to win free skis for life.”

Ticket Winner #4

Name: David Henderson
Location: Moraga, California
Quotable: “I wasn’t sure how to react at first because I didn’t know how many golden tickets there were. I was VERY excited when I heard it was very, very few. Free skis for life? Awesome! How could one not be thrilled!”

Ticket Winner #5

Name: Maxwell Erpenbach
Location: Souix Falls, South Dakota
Quotable: “Words cannot describe [how I felt], I yelled for about 20 minutes then continued to hyperventilate for about 30 more minutes.”

A story, photos and video will be produced from all the as-of-now esoteric happenings to go down next week, so drop in to Freeskier.com late next week for that. For more information on the contest and the individual winners, check out the K2 Free Skis For Life Contest page.

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