JOSS – An Evening with Team America

JOSS – An Evening with Team America

Amidst all the craziness and partying and blondes and everything Swedish to distract and entertain the teams here in Ã…re, we can’t forget why the teams are here, to make dope ass edits to try and get paid. Team America [Simon Dumont, Tom Wallisch, Tyler Hamlet, Josh Berman and Nate Abbott] took a night off from the hectic nightlife to work on their edit and have some down time before more JOSS action, JOI and the JOSS Awards. All night partying and busty blondes throwing themselves on guys will soon be the norm, so now is the time to get some rest. All the teams are on the same program tonight, but seeing as we’re an American website, I spent it with Team America. Team USA [Colby West, John Symms, Josh Finnbow, Mike Thomas and Alex OBrien] is doing super secret, esoteric shit and I can’t hinder their plans.

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