Jon Olsson Video Blog attends JOSS video awards

Jon Olsson Video Blog attends JOSS video awards

As you may have read, the Jon Olsson Super Sessions had been going off, for 10 days in Are, Sweden, eventually culminating last Saturday night into an event known as the JOSS Video Awards. It was here that all 10 teams videos — made of blood, sweat, tears and some red bull — were showcased to over 2,000 adoring fans, eager to soak up the action.

These three videos are a behind the scenes look at the red-carpet style entrance, the judges, the team tables and a small sampling of the 10 edits to come. Think Luke Van Valin’s legendary announcing, interviews, fireworks, champagne, helicopters, after parties, etc. etc. So, enjoy, and get ready for the 10 videos to hit the internet in the coming weeks.

JOSS Awards Part I

JOSS Awards Part II

JOSS Awards Part III

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