The Jon Olsson Super Sessions Team Videos

The Jon Olsson Super Sessions Team Videos

The Jon Olsson Super Sessions, held way north in Are, Sweden, went off without a hitch for its first year. Eight top riders were invited, along with their photographers and filmers of choice, and two more riders, filmers and photographers won spots to the contest from Jon Olsson himself. Jon built five super features (a JOI style jump, a triple line, an aerials booter, a giant step-down floater and step-up hip) for the riders to session on for 10 days. And for 10 days, the athletes slayed the features and jibs around the town.

At the end of the 10 days, the teams had to edit together a 5-minute video/photo piece. Ranging from ski porn to lifestyle-based to scripted comedy, the teams put together pure gold. Shown in front of a packed house of adoring fans, a winner was crowned: Sammy Carlson. And now for your viewing pleasure, here they are.

Click on the screenshots to view the videos.

Jon Olsson

Despite a nagging knee injury, Jon’s team put together a video with flawless skiing and a scripted, and self-deprecating, storyline. Topped off with the imagery of Mattias Fredriksson.

Sammy Carlson

Here is Sammy’s winning edit, filled with incredible skiing, epic shots from a paraglider follow-cam and Nate Abbott’s documentary style photography.

Simon Dumont

Winner of the Oakley People’s Choice Award, Team Dumont crafted an epic intro, followed by a barrage of sick footage and Blake Jorgenson’s legendary photography.

Andreas Hatveit

Team Hatveit utilized Andreas’ ability to do everything, Jon Hatveit’s unmatched follow/lead -cam ability, and rising photo-star Vegard Breie’s crisp photography, to put together a sick edit.

Colby West

Taking advantage of Colby’s skiing and vocal abilities, Team West edited a hilarious (and talented) intro, filled with big tricks, captured by Steve Rozendaal and Damian Cromwell.

Peter Olenick

Also plagued by knee injuries, Team Peter shot a special report parody, leading into Peter’s trademark style skiing, and was closed out with amazing (and quite introspective) photo slideshow by Charles Spina.

Michael Clarke

Winner of one of the JOSS spots, Clarke was plagued by the worst luck of anyone in recent memory. But lack of gear and injury didn’t stop Clarke from editing an honest piece filled with sick skiing and some epic cranework by Drew Lederer.

Oscar Scherlin

Team Oscar used a mic’d up Oscar to give a little insight into what goes through his mind in a day. Then transitioned into a sick edit, filled with smooth 3s, 5s and doubles.

Jacob Wester

Swedish native Jacob, the other winner of the JOSS spot, showcased his aerial talents to the world in his video, icing the cake with a sequence filled slideshow by Ben Zucker.

Henrik Harlaut

Team Harlaut slayed urban… as well as the features that the youngster hit. Watching his video will make it hard to believe that he is only 16.

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