Jon Olsson Super Sessions ready to go down in Are, Sweden

Jon Olsson Super Sessions ready to go down in Are, Sweden

Today marked the travel in day to one of the most anticipated events of the season: Jon Olsson’s Super Sessions, in Are, Sweden.

The format of Jon’s event is a departure from the previous three years, bringing 10 of the world’s best athletes together to session custom super features that the skiing icon has constructed. For 10 days the athletes will film and photograph on the features and put together a 3-minute edit and 2-minute slideshow, in a winner-take-all format.

The event in the past has been renowned for it’s world class treatment of athletes, to go along with the unequaled riding. Jon has once again outdone himself, picking up the first wave of athletes, photographers and filmers in helicopters landing them squarely at the hotel. The athletes can probably expect more and more first-class treatment throughout the event.

Stay tuned for many, many updates from Sweden.

For more information on the event: check out the official Jon Olsson Super Sessions Site.

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