Jon Olsson Super Sessions – Day 4

Jon Olsson Super Sessions – Day 4

After a big night on the town in Are last night, riders only had to go a short distance to go from their hotels to the super feature of the day. Riders of this caliber are used to hitting big, floaty true tables, step down and quarterpipes. But today, the riders were treated to Jon’s ‘experimental’ jump, a replica aerials jump (with some slight freestyle modifications for safety).

With some riders giving their collective bodies a rest, it was up to the remainder to figure out this feature and put on a show for a pretty sizable crowd that had materialized to watch. Riders warmed up to the super steep take off with some flatspins and steezy 360s, eventually working up to huge switch tricks and cork 900s. Sammy and his switch 540s, Colby’s zero spins, Simon’s dope 360s and Mike Clarke’s cork 7s and 9s were among the tricks brought down upon Are tonight.

Always keeping the riders’ safety in mind, numerous course holds were placed to chop the landing, rake the take-offs, and fuel up with red bull. Among other comforts, America’s own Luke Van Valin was on site to lull the crowd into a sense of wonderment with his superior vocal talents. Day 4 did not disappoint, with a new feature slayed, and some more footage captured.

Be on the lookout tomorrow for day 5 here in Are.

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