Jon Olsson Super Sessions Day 3 [video]

Jon Olsson Super Sessions Day 3 [video]

Overcast Hip Sessions from Jon Olsson Video Blog on Vimeo.

Day 3 here in Ã…re, Sweden was met with mostly cloudy skies and a mild hangover. A lighter action day for the teams, most went out and either scouted or shot some sort of urban features. Freeskier tagged along with Team Down Under [Jossi Wells, Russ Henshaw, Danu Sherpa] as they found some features here to shoot on. While I can’t post the actual shots from the rail yet (to keep the teams urban a secret from other teams), there is a high chance the video shots will be making the Team D.U. video. Highlights also include Russ and Danu laughing at death and Jossi Wells continuing his photography skills after his slay session was over.

Late in the afternoon, Jon opened up the Jib Garden and the Hip for another session. Simon Dumont was tee-ing off with big cork 450s and Tom Wallisch was had some big flatspins and switch 630s. Team America came to play this afternoon, unfortunately, the light milked over and any chance of a sunset shoot was nixed. Team Newschoolers and Team Norway were rumored to be shooting urban during the short hip session.

JOSS: Behind The Lens Volume 1 from Jon Olsson Video Blog on Vimeo.

So as the weather put the kibash on plans today, there are more days to shoot. Remember, there is still a jump that the competitors have not seen yet on the mountain. And both big features so far, the hip and step down, are primed and ready for more carnage. Stay tuned to Freeskier.com for your JOSS information.

For further video coverage, visit Jon Olsson’s site and the JOSS Blog page.

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