Jon Olsson Super Sessions – Day 2

Jon Olsson Super Sessions – Day 2

Day 2 at the Jon Olsson Super Sessions got off to quite the early start, with the riders, filmers and photographers catching a Tram ride up at roughly 6 am, to head towards the step-up hip feature. Despite a somewhat omnipresent feeling of tiredness — from the long day of skiing and a night of Jon’s hospitality.

As the sun slowly made its way into the sky, the riders gradually took their hits on the step-up farther and higher. Since this feature was a new creation for Jon, it was admittedly a little bit more difficult for the riders than anticipated. Gradually some riders managed to work past the kinks, and skied like champs. The riders definitely had to look — and act — like racers on the in-run to the jump.

But yet another session went down, here in Are. With an early start comes a much-needed early rest for the athletes. With more riding and more of Jon’s generosity to take in, the athletes will need all the rest they can get.

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