Jon Olsson Announces 2011 JOI Plans

Jon Olsson Announces 2011 JOI Plans

This morning Jon Olsson, the man behind JOSS and JOI, has made an announcement regarding the plans for his annual springtime event. This upcoming season, JOSS is taking a haitus and Jon will host a JOI of old.

“The events in Ã…re always have had its main focus on the riders, so when we asked them what they wanted and 9 out of 10 said the same thing, it was a pretty easy decision. JOSS will take a one year break and give room for an “all in” Big Air event-JOI will be back just like in 2007 to give the guys the best possibilities ever to learn new tricks and push the limits to what can be done!”

“It seemed that most guys had been missing the unique possibilities that they had during JOI 2007, where they had one kicker to session for a week enabling them to really progress and figure new things out as we as organizers had more time to perfect one kicker instead of trying to build 5 of them. As the ski world always wants new things I thought it was a good year to do this to give JOSS a breather so it could come back fresh again for next year. I think it would be a perfect concept to alternate JOSS and JOI every year t keep it fresh and exciting!”

Jon will invite 15 riders and hold a video qualifying contest (details to be announced later) for another 15 riders. He hopes that having a 50-50 split in invited and qualifying that things will really be changed up and keep the progression coming.

As judging has been a spot for contention and discussion lately, Jon has decided on the following format, which he believes can solve a lot of the current issues.

-30 skiers take 2 runs, best one counts. 10 moves on. (+ 2 wildcards)

-12 skiers take one run, top 10 advances
-10 skiers take one run, top 8 advances.
-8 skiers take one run, top 6 advances.
-6 skiers take one run, top 4 advances.
-4 Skiers take two runs, best one counts.

In this way the judges only have to look for the 2 worst skiers every run, which should make things a lot easier to get it right. Then in finals you have room to fall once so you can really bust out your best stuff and go for it! You never know before you tried it, but I am very excited about this format!”

Progression has always been on the top of Jon’s list at his events and the harkening back to JOI, will in his hopes, bring back a big time progression session.

Here is the current schedule as listed on Jon’s blog:

April 12th, Tuesday: Skiers arrive, training 16-21
April 13th, Wednesday: Training 16-21
April 14th, Thursday: Training 16-21
April 15th, Friday: Nations cup 18-21
April 16th, Saturday JOI 19-21
April 17th, Sunday: Red Bull Home run
April 18th, Monday: Departure day.

For more information, visit Jon’s blog.

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