Jiberish 07/08 Video Edit – Fashion Show and Photoshoot

Jiberish 07/08 Video Edit – Fashion Show and Photoshoot

When Jiberish Athletes and crew were presented with the opportunity to be involved with a fashion show there were mixed feelings. Jiberish designers, athletes and cronies were suspicious how it would turn out, as a fashion show sparks images of brainless, chiseled, Pilipino models flossing overpriced high end button down formal wear and elaborate animal fur luxury coats. But Jiberish founders were ecstatic at the opportunity as Downtown Denver is teeming with young and vivacious nightlife where new people, whether they skied or not, would be able to see the fruits of Jiberish’s 2007 labors. Despite the event being scheduled for the same weekend as The Meeting Film Festival, Jiberish brought Mike Clarke, John Spriggs, Ian Cosco and newest family member, Tom Wallisch into town for the evening.

The venue was the DC10 club in Denver, Colorado, a sleek and streamlined bar adorned with perspective aerial photography and scantly clad flight attendant waitresses. In the words of Ian Cosco, “getting drunk was a priority,” as ideas for strutting demeanor and pose formations come much easier to an alcohol assuaged self conscious. Mike, John, Ian and Tom walked the runway in between boulder based female clothing line, Londyns, who’s models were far more serious and far more effective at making the show look legitimate. After about 10 to 12 minutes of thread flossing the show came to a close and heavy celebration continued.

The next day Jiberish athletes attended a photoshoot to capture some of the new goods in action. Although the photoshoot was in the same studio as last year, Denver based photographers Jack Boyd and Dustin Ramey were able to mix new angles with creative gel work to paint an entirely different mood for this years photos. The attached video captures some of the fashion show and photoshoot as well as some design lapses from the digital canvases of Blake Kimmel. Enjoy….

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