JIBARDY, the ultimate trivia contest feat. Amie Engerbretson & Todd Ligare

JIBARDY, the ultimate trivia contest feat. Amie Engerbretson & Todd Ligare

Featured Image: Christopher Whitaker (Todd), Justin Mayers (Amie)

The Rules:

All hail the return of JIBARDY— the game show-like trivia extravaganza that graced FREESKIER’s pages between 2006 and 2012. How it works? This is a battle of two minds. No physical prowess necessary. Cheating not allowed. No Google, no Wikipedia, no whispering to smart friends. No set time limit, but don’t take forever, it’s not rocket science. Points are awarded at the discretion of FREESKIER staff. In the event of a tie… well, it’s a tie. Bragging rights are on the line. Stay tuned for more episodes of JIBARDY as the season continues—we’ll be pitting winners against one another in the ultimate contest of random knowledge.

#1. Who wrote the novel Moby Dick?

  • Amie: I’m a fool for not knowing this. It’s a fuckin’ famous author.
  • Todd: Oh, Jesus. Oh god. This is the worst. Let’s see… um… oh, Jesus. Herman Melville! [1 pt.] 

#2. When was Sun Valley first opened to the public? Closest guess wins a point.

  • Sun Valley was definitely one of the first. I’m going to say… 1950. [1 pt.]
  • ‘64!

#3. What does ‘RSVP’ stand for and what language is it? Two possible points.

  • It’s either Latin or French. I have no idea what it stands for. I used to speak French, I should be able to get close. Todd won’t get that one; he won’t get “French” either. [1 pt.]
  • I’m going to go with French. [1 pt.]

#4. Which famous ski town was Councilman Rasta Stevie from in the 1988 flick, Blizzard of Ahhhs?

  • I don’t actually know and there’s not enough hints in that question to give it away. I’ll say Squaw, since it’s where I’m from.
  • Rasta Stevie… he’s from Telluride. He’s still there, right? [1 pt.]

#5. Where was the first big-mountain competition held?

  • Valdez. Back when it was called the World Extreme Skiing Championships. [1 pt.]
  • Valdez. [1 pt.]

#6. Name up to four musicians that died at age 27. One point per correct name.

  • Amy Winehouse… Janis Joplin… Jimi Hendrix…[muttering] 27, 27, shit. I know this cause I went through this, I was really excited when I made it past 27 [years old]. Todd will totally get this one. Do I get a bonus point if Todd mentions Kurt Kobain first? [3 pts.]
  • Hendrix, Kobain, Jim Morrison… let’s see, Joplin. How ‘bout that? [4 pts.]

#7. True or False: There is a Royal Caribbean cruise liner with a ski hill on it so you can “Ski the Caribbean.”

  • False. I could see it being possible, but I think we would have heard of it by now. [1 pt.]
  • Ooh, that’s false. That’s a toughie, though—you want to believe it. [1 pt.]

#8. What European town lies in the shadow of the Matterhorn?

  • Zermatt. [1 pt.]
  • Zermatt. [1 pt.]

#9. What is the altitude of K2? Closest guess wins a point.

  • 22,000 feet.
  • Second highest… I’m going to go with 23,000. [1 pt.]

The Results:

Amie Engerbretson — 8 pts.

Todd Ligare — 11 pts.

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