Instant Shotski: The ski bum staple has never been easier to make

Instant Shotski: The ski bum staple has never been easier to make

We love shotskis just as much as the next guy, but nobody likes the condition they end up in after a few uses. They’re a pain in the ass to wash out and seeing as how you’re usually half in the bag, if not fully, when using them, they don’t get cleaned out very often. The Instant Shotski remedies this problem with a simple yet effective design.


The Instant Shotski

Brian Miley and Ben Huggins, two friends, ski buddies and entrepreneurs from just outside of Boston, decided they could one-up the traditional model and began prototyping their new idea. The concept was to have quick-mounting brackets that you could place shot glasses in and then easily remove for cleaning. They aren’t the first ones to come up with the idea but they started from scratch to come up with what they consider to be the best design out there for a number of reasons, including that fact that it’s “mustache compatible.”

Utilizing Miley’s mechanical engineering skills, the pair prototyped a number of different bracket angles and glass sizes before settling on a design. The final product adheres to your ski of choice with heavy-duty adhesive strips and also includes screw holes if you prefer to go that route. Once you get the kit, it takes less than a minute to construct your shotski, no tools or sloppy glue jobs necessary.


(L) Brian Miley (C) Instant Shotski in action (R) Ben Huggins

After producing a few kits for themselves as well as their mustache’d buddies, the duo was ready to call it quits, but friends urged them to market the idea to the masses and so they did. They launched their website this spring and orders have been flowing in from thirsty people all over the country. To get your own kit, head over to instantshotski.com where you can pick one up for the introductory price of $29. The brackets will hold most regular-sized shot glasses and once you have it set up, it’s highly recommended that you ski with them attached for easy-access partying, as Ben regularly does on his K2 (Party) Pontoons.

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