In Detail: Dynafit ST Rotation 12

In Detail: Dynafit ST Rotation 12

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The Dynafit Rotation 12 is just what ski tourers who put a premium on aggressive descents are looking for. The binding can be set to a release value between 4-12, its Rotation Toe Piece pivots ever so slightly to prevent your toe from prereleasing during bumpy descents and 10 millimeters of elastic travel in the heel accommodates consistent ski flex. All-in-all, the Rotation is about consistency from a safety standpoint. When it comes to ease-of-use, it’s tough to beat the Rotation 12, thanks to a centering hub with internal bearings in the toepiece that keep the toe jaws in place for easy step-ins. Convenience is key, friends.

Stepping into the Dynafit Rotation Binding. NOTE: Orange wings and risers are only included in the demo version.

Power Towers

Integrated into the toe jaws, the side towers make step ins quick and easy, and also work to combat lateral movement during odd impacts on your descents.

Rotation Toe Piece

Dynafit’s Rotation Toe Piece pivots slightly back-and-forth, which provides shock-absorption and consistent release no matter the burliness of your descent.

Hub Centering

An integrated centering system under the toepiece auto aligns for simple step ins, but allows for slight rotational movement to absorb impacts and prevent prerelease.

Bayonet Lock

Dynafit integrates the heelpiece of the Rotation 12 into its baseplate creating a rock-solid interface that’s not prone to damage or malfunction and helps you drive your ski with more power from the heel. A special channel in the baseplate allows the heelpiece to be locked down like Alcatraz when in the touring position.

Heel Risers

Dual lifts on the heel allow for easier touring in steeper terrain.

Elastic Travel

10 millimeters of travel in the heel ensures your ski flexes like it’s supposed to and you won’t pre-release should a sudden shock run through your skis.

The sturdy, locking interface between the heel piece and base plate ensure rock-solid hold amidst any forces you encounter during backcountry descents.