If you ever feel lost or scared, just go to Montana!

If you ever feel lost or scared, just go to Montana!

Hey what’s up guys!

Why should I be the Lange girl? Ha well let’s see, I started skiing in the 7th grade on a ski club trip up to the good old Showdown Ski Resort, which is tucked away in the Belt Mountains of Central Montana. This trip did me in and I fell in love right then and there. My parents had always been big snowmobile gurus, so skiing just happened to occur later in life for me. I’m kind of glad it did, because it made me have to work that much harder to get to where my friends were. I’m still not the best out there, but I do what I love and no one can shoot me down for that.

Now and days I’m kicking the college life in Bozeman Montana. I’m in my junior year pursuing a degree in marketing and I hope to one day work for an action sports company. It’s crazy how much work it is trying to get your spring semester schedule laid out to fit in work and all those precious ski days, but in the end it’s so worth it. All of you fellow student steezes out there know what I’m talking about. Bozeman has the best location for areal ski resorts, in my opinion. We’ve got the infamous Big Sky Ski Resort just a 45 min drive away, along with Moonlight tucked in its shadow. Then heading to the south for about 30 min, there’s Bridger Bowl, which is where my season pass will be for the year.

This year I’m riding on the 2009 Line Celebrities, and yes the reviews are very accurate, they are a-mazing. I love them. I worked my butt off this summer so I could get every skier’s favorite thing to shop for, all new gear yo! Rocking the Coudveil from head to toe, there’s no hood on this chick. I turned 21 this fall too, so enjoying that after sesh PBR legally will be a nice cherry. I need to stop saying that ha. But yeah it’s going down this season for sure, can’t wait for more snow!

This all might not seem like a reasonable explanation as to why I should be the 2009 Lange girl, but maybe it gives an insight as to how much work I put into each season. The rewards are plentiful in the end, and just being able to say “WHOOOOO! What a ride!” speaks for itself.


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