ICYMI: This week’s best skiing videos and other Internet gold

ICYMI: This week’s best skiing videos and other Internet gold

Looking for a recap of last week’s greatest Internet happenings? Never fear, team FREESKIER is here. From last week’s best ski videos, to the most hilarious and entertaining vids to storm the inter-web, we’ve compiled a list of Grade A content for your viewing pleasure. Peep the vids below, and tune in every Monday to catch the previous week’s top highlights.

In Case You Missed It…

The best from freeskier.com

Crazy Karl Fostvedt slides a chairlift cable

Earlier this summer, Twenty-five-year-old Karl Fostvedt embarked on a trip to Nevados de Chillan with the Dakine team to get in on the South American shred season. As expected, Fostvedt, or, “Crazy Karl,” wasted no time finding a gnarly feature to claim. Thankfully, he had his GoPro rolling while he conquered this chairlift cable. Keep on keepin’ on, Karl.

Jonah Williams’ bangin’ season edit, First Grade

We’re stoked to present First Grade from none other than Mr. Jonah Williams. “I felt like a first grader while editing this, and the name stuck,” writes Jonah via Vimeo. Take it from us, Williams’ level of skiing is anything but elementary—this dude absolutely slays the terrain park and beyond. Not to mention he is one of the most genuine dudes you’ll come across in the lift line. Enjoy the footage, packed with shots from this year’s Superunknown competition at Mt. Snow, Vermont; Windells Camp at Mt. Hood, Oregon, and more awesome locales.

A funky (but sick) variation of a double cork 1440

It’s safe to say that freeskier Dean Bercovitch has impeccable air awareness. Not only can he spin like a top, but Berco also has some unique style. This week, Bercovitch stomped a variation of a double cork 1440, where the first 1080 is completed in the first flip and the final 360 is done in the second flip. He’s calling the trick “The Eddy,” a play on the definition of an “eddy” in a body of water—a circular movement of water, counter to a main current, causing a small whirlpool.

Tatum Monod’s 2015 season edit is incredibly badass

Last season, Tatum Monod hopped in the helicopter with the Level 1 Productions crew and swiped her Alaskan v-card. Per usual, Monod tore up each and every line she set her sights on. Above, you’ll find the Alberta-native’s season edit, filled with beastly AK lines, big old backflips and much more. Cheers, Tatum. You’re a boss. Keep doin’ yo’ thang.

The best from around the web

Insane Chinese traffic jam

For those of you thinking your morning commute sucks—think again. It’s hard to imagine that traffic this bad is even possible. Also, please note how mellow the opposite lane traffic is. Fun fact: According to Google the population of China is 1.375 billion and counting…

This girl sneezes 12,000 times per day


This is my nightmare.

The mole whisperer

Do you happen to have a mole problem in your yard? Hire this guy and get rid of those pesky little creatures forever. Don’t worry, he won’t hurt them—he simply transplants the animals to another location.

Hikers get thrown from a suspended bridge

Think fast! There’s nothing quite like being thrown from a bridge to wake you up in the morning. Hopefully none of these hikers were injured in this scary instance.

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