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ICYMI: This week’s best ski videos and other Internet gold

ICYMI: This week’s best ski videos and other Internet gold

Looking for a recap of last week’s greatest Internet happenings? Never fear, team FREESKIER is here. From last week’s best ski videos, to the most hilarious and entertaining vids to storm the inter-web, we’ve compiled a list of Grade A content for your viewing pleasure. Peep the vids below, and tune in every Monday to catch the previous week’s top highlights.

The best from freeskier.com

Øystein Bråten’s 2015 season edit will blow your mind

Norwegian slopestyle aficionado Øystein Bråten released his impressive 2015 season edit today. If you weren’t already aware, you’ll soon realize that the twenty-year-old out of Ringerike, Norway is the real freaking deal. Keep your eyes peeled for Bråten to be a force on the competition circuit once again this season.

Tom Wallisch goes H.A.M. in a new park edit

Tom Wallisch had himself a little Australian park shred this past summer. Lucky for us, T-Wall decided to bring his GoPro along for the ride, to bag a collection of footage during his excursion down under. Enjoy the latest video from the Pretzel Man, above, as he tears up the impressive terrain park at Perisher Resort.

Red Bull and Sean Pettit present ep. 2 of Keep Your Tips Up

Episode two of Red Bull TV and Sean Pettit’s 2015 web series, Keep Your Tips Up, is jam-packed with deep powder. The first half of the ten-minute installment features Sean, his brother Callum and their dad a.k.a. The Groovemeister as they pack up the snowmobiles and venture to interior British Columbia for a little no-boarding (snowboarding without bindings, and yes, it actually looks extremely fun).

After the family backcountry mission, Sean gets a call from fellow big-mountain slayer and Super Proof member Richard Permin, informing Pettit that he needs to be in Japan. As expected, Pettit takes Permin up on the invite, and he and the rest of the Super Proof gang shreds Japan’s signature light, white perfection—blasting off of natural features and taking facials for days.

In review, episode two of Keep Your Tips Up solidifies something that I already knew; Sean Pettit lives every skier’s fantasy. Keep doing your thing, Sean.

Armada and Mike Hornbeck present Snowcieties: Michigan

Mike Hornbeck delivers an important reminder to all of us skiers out there in Armada Skis’ latest video project, Snowcieties. “It’s not about what you don’t have, it’s about what you do have, and make the best of it.”

Tag along with Hornbeck, Spencer Millbocker and Kim Boberg in an action-packed shred video, showcasing the best of the midwest. Spoiler Alert: These dudes crush everything they touch.

The best from around the web

Seal jumps into a guy’s boat

Selfie fanatics across the globe loathe this this goatee’d man. Talk about the photo opportunity of a lifetime! A seal just hopped on board and rested his chin on this guy’s shoulder. Too good. Too stinking good.

Prank: “Why does my chair keep breaking?”

For those of you looking for a new prank to pull on your husky (or not husky) friends…

Backflipping hamster

This hamster and I have one shared passion; the backflip. There’s just nothing like chucking your meat backwards, looking back and stomping a nice four point landing in front of a crowd. Rock on, little man.

Soccer player gets injured in Greece

This soccer player was injured during a match. The medical staff proceeded to attend to the player and then drop him from the stretcher—just to be sure he wasn’t faking it.

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