Icelantic launches MTN Swim collection designed for your next summer adventure

Icelantic launches MTN Swim collection designed for your next summer adventure

Forget your San Diego boardshorts. Icelantic just launched an entire line of swimwear designed to move with you in the mountains. Whether you’re spending long days floating the river, summiting a 14er or just cruising to the local brewery, these men’s and women’s swim trunks, adventure shorts and lifestyle pieces are designed for skiers and mountain-goers who rather not think of summer as their “off-season.”

Icelantic founder, Ben Anderson, along with collection designer and artist, Carly Jo Hougen, launched the line at Icey’s headquarters in Golden, Colorado, earlier this month, calling attention to the fact that many swimwear brands don’t cater their products to communities away from the coasts. While the MTN Swim line, which features non-swim pieces like microfiber towels, men’s button-up shirts and women’s tunics, is a collection ideal for everyday beachgoers, it truly shines when its durability and versatility are put to the test on a multi-sport day in the mountains.

Made in the USA of recycled and sustainable materials, the MTN Swim line stays true to Icelantic’s story: create products that help us “return to nature” while also telling a story through art. Carly Jo’s abstract artwork has the feeling of motion and flow, a deeper, darker palette and takes direct inspiration from her time growing up on a lake in Wisconsin; meanwhile, the mountain landscape print originated as a full-size landscape painting commissioned by Icelantic.

Finally, Icelantic has partnered with the Colorado Water Trust and will be donating 5% of its sales to the non-profit organization, helping maintain water flow in the many streams and rivers that run through the Centennial State. Bridging the gap between sustainability, style, functionality, versatility and cost, Icelantic’s MTN Swim collection turns heads for all the right reasons.

From Icelantic:

Breaking into summer apparel, Icelantic Skis launches their brand-new MTN Swim collection today, diving into a niche market within the outdoor industry that caters to those who live a mountain lifestyle year-round. Icelantic’s MTN Swim Collection is designed for the person that likes to explore the mountains, take dips in alpine lakes, float the river and soak in hot springs.

The MTN Swim Collection features durable and sustainable swimsuits, adventure shorts, and lifestyle pieces for men and women, all made in the USA. Every piece is made with recycled materials such as ChitoSante treated fabric and Recycled P.E.T material. You can shop the full collection here.

Icelantic has always committed to donating and supporting community and environmental initiatives. In addition to utilizing recycled materials in the collection, Icelantic has partnered with The Colorado Water Trust and will be donating 5% of total sales to their organization.




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