I live to ski

I live to ski

There’s no point in me posting a bunch of revealing photos of myself in a bikini, cause really, does that show my love for skiing…nope. Basically I have been skiing since I was able to walk. It’s been my passion for years, starting out as a weekend warrior, and now I go to school 30 min away from the mountains so that I can ski at least 4 or 5 days a week. Nothing is better to me than a powder day, and I live for bluebird days when I can just shred with friends who share the same love for skiing as I do.
Second to skiing, I fill the long summer months with surfing. The ocean is just as beautiful and powerful as the mountains and the feeling you get from both is something I am constantly chasing. I’m currently going to school for outdoor recreation business administration, and I plan on getting some type of job in the ski industry when I graduate. I’m not going to try to prove that I should be the Lange Girl through pointless revealing pictures that anyone could take regardless of how well they can really ski. Just know that I love skiing more than anything else, its my passion in life, and I’m extremely dedicated to it.

As the greatest skier ever once said “There’s nothing better than sliding down snow and flying through the air” -Shane McConkey

pray for snow

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