Hunting Yeti – Webisode 4

Hunting Yeti – Webisode 4

WELCHES, Oregon (August 14, 2008) – It’s hard to Hunt Yeti during the summer months, as the mythical beast migrates from the snow covered mountains, following the snow melt down river and out to the sea. Once there, the Yeti can sometimes be spotted swimming and barbequing on the beach. Therefore the Nimbus Crew set out to the beaches of Cabo, Mexico in search of the Yeti and traded in their skis for surfboards.

Mr. Mahre unfortunately couldn’t make the trip as his face had an accidental collision with a softball, but Pep, Eric, Chris, Erin, and some friends packed their flip-flops, surf trunks and headed out on an adventure.

The fourth webisode takes you further into the lives of our Crew with a glimpse at interests outside of skiing. This feature is more than just surfing but includes rattlesnake encounters, feeding donkeys, rallying rental cars, huge spiders, Jenga, snorkeling and a mangled toe.

Download this episode in HD or for your iPod at rip.tv/nimbusindependent!

Look for Hunting Yeti on these sites: K2 Skis, Evogear, Helly Hansen, Oakley, Tecnica, Marker, Dragon, Dakine, Atomic, Line, Bern, VAS Entertainment, Freeskier, Fri Flyt, Transition, Fall Line Skiing, Skieur, Freeskiers.net, Raiders.ch, Skizofrenia.cl, Chill Factor, Charter, Poor Boyz Productions, and Rip.Tv. The webisodes are also available for free as iPod and HD computer downloads.

“Hunting Yeti” is presented by K2 Skis and produced by Nimbus Independent in association with Poor Boyz Productions. Nimbus is producing five webisodes premiering on the 15th of February, April, June, August, and October. Check out the final cut of “Hunting Yeti – The Film” in early September on DVD or on tour in a city near you.

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