Hey America, get out there and vote!

Hey America, get out there and vote!

If you are Canadian, please disregard this entire post and grab yourself a heaping mound of poutine. You dudes and dudettes already voted a couple weeks ago.

Hey there Americans, this is just a friendly reminder from Skiing’s Independent Magazine that today, November 4, is election day. So get out there and do your civic duty, hit the polls and let your voice be heard.

This is one of the most important Presidential elections in American history. With the economy, foreign policy and so many other things being completely in the toilet your vote matters now more than ever.

Help shape the political landscape of America over the next 4 years and cast your vote. Sure, you may not want to drag yourself out to the polls but remember you could score yourself a sweet “I Voted” sticker that (I believe) legally makes you superior over all others that do not have said sticker on their person. I could be wrong, however it also allows you to violate traffic laws as long as you have it on during Election Day.

So get out there, cast your vote and drive like a bat out of hell.

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