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Here’s Steve Stepp’s list of must-have items at Windells Camp, summer ’15

Here’s Steve Stepp’s list of must-have items at Windells Camp, summer ’15

Venturing to Windells this summer? (If not, you should probably reconsider). If so, keep in mind: due to strict airline regulations, you can only bring so many items to summer camp, at Mt. Hood, Oregon. That’s why we’ve joined forces with Steve Stepp to deliver the must-have items for summer vacation 2k15. Below, find Stepp’s list of ten necessary items to stash in your bags this summer. From sunscreen to patience and a VHS copy of the 1994 flick Speed, the creator and star of They See Me Trollin’ is sure to cover all bases. Check it out and start packin’ those bags.

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Stepp’s Must-Haves for Summer Shred:

1. Sunscreen: This is by far the most important thing you’ll need, and by far the most under-used item by campers. The reflected sunlight and UV radiation on Hood is nothing to play around with. Fifteen minutes in the sun without protection will leave you with one of the most nasty and painful burns you’ve ever had, until you get to college. I’ve gotten the nickname Mr. Mime because I use sunscreen all summer and never let the sun get me.

2. Patience: When you get up to the snow, it’s likely you’ll want to start throwing all your tricks on the first day. Don’t be that guy! Most injuries at camp happen on the first two days because campers fail to warm up properly. You’re there for six days, chill out bro. Remember to exercise patience; you’ll have plenty of time to throw all your tricks and more. Ask your doctor if ADHD medicine is right for you.

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3. Water balloons: It’s a known fact that counselors and kitchen staff will be armed and ready with water balloons to strike at any moment. Make sure to bring some yourself to strike back! In fact, fill them up as soon as you get to camp and launch a pre-emptive strike on as many staff members as you can. This will prove your role as an “alpha camper” and establish dominance.

4. Headphones: On the hill and off the hill headphones are great for tuning out your surroundings. Need a break from that annoying counselor? Feel like ignoring your coach in the lane? Pop in your favorite ear buds and you’re ready to blatantly disregard all authority figures at camp.

5. Questions about my web series They See Me Trollin’: I love answering questions about my web series, so ask away! I’ve become an expert at answering questions like, “Didn’t you die from drinking water?” Or, “are you even pro yet?” Or, “can you dub?” Heck, I’ve answered them so many times I have canned responses in my head ready to go at all times.

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6. Monster Energy: Skiing for six days in the summer can be exhausting and sometimes your stoke level just can’t replenish the energy your body needs. Grab an ice cold Monster Energy and recharge with a healthy and hydrating supplement. If you forget to bring some you can always buy them in the lodge.

7. Cash: From snacks to gear, there will be plenty of things to buy while you’re at camp, so it pays to have cash on hand. Make a note that the camp store cannot refund or withdraw any cash from your camper account once its deposited! You’ll need that money to buy awesome stuff at the coach’s sale and support the poor, underpaid, professional skiers chasing their dead end dreams.

8. Skateboard: The lanes on Hood are open ’til 3:00 p.m. which leaves seven hours to fill before your fascist counselor forces you to go to bed. I recommend bringing a skateboard and learning how to shred around one of the various parks. The concrete and BOB skate parks are a bone-shatteringly good time.

9. VHS copy of Speed: After a long day of skiing and skateboarding you’ll need to unwind. There’s no better way to do that than popping in a VHS copy of Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock’s 1994 classic Speed. You’ll need six days of repeated watching just to catch all the plot twists. So get into your parents’ VHS collection and grab a copy, I can almost guarantee they have it.

10. Monster Energy: You can never have too much Monster. Skiing, skateboarding and water balloon fights are scientifically proven to deplete your body’s energy supply. Do your body a favor, push aside all those empty Monster cans and crack open a fresh one to keep the summer fun going! And going, and going, and going, and going, and going and going.

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