Here and Now: Sierra-at-Tahoe, California

Here and Now: Sierra-at-Tahoe, California

WORDS & PHOTOS • BRIAN WALKER (@brian.walker)

This recent storm at Sierra-at-Tahoe was an interesting one… The hype train started early on with predictions of six-plus feet of snow for the Sierras. Of course, everyone’s stoke levels were through the roof. This was the type of Tahoe storm I remember experiencing as a little kid. The days of measuring storms in feet and not inches brought back memories of shredding with all of my friends. In classic fashion, though, the hype was a jinx, as the storms came in a bit on the warmer side at the end of each set, which brought along that classic Sierra Cement that everyone talks about.

Although the snow was a bit thick—like sponge cake—it was still a blast smashing through the top six inches or so. With that type of snow, and enough to fill the whole mountain in perfectly, it was no problem charging across Sierra-at-Tahoe which is the Mini Golf King of Tahoe. The log rides, pillows and cliffs were a go for the crew of Ty Dayberry, Tyler Muntz and Kyle Smaine. The resort is set for big sends and the backcountry gates as we wait for some of that real fluffy pow to come back to Tahoe.

In the meantime, I just keep reminding myself that it’s just skiing and as long as I’m sliding on snow it’s a good time. Until the pow falls again, the park crew will have to hold us over.

Tyler Muntz blasting cement.
Kyle Smaine, spraying that top layer of sponge cake.
Ty Dayberry goes airborne at Sierra-at-Tahoe.
Ty Dayberry going large.
Ty Dayberry, comin’ in hot.