Here and Now: Kimbo Sessions 2019

Here and Now: Kimbo Sessions 2019

WORDS & PHOTOS • MARTIN AXÉLL (@martinaxell)

Imagine a week with all of your homies, super tasty food, the best vibes and the craziest tricks. A place where time and worries do not exist. That’s Kimbo Sessions, ladies and gentlemen. The best week of the year. From my view as a photographer, Kimbo Sessions is exactly what is sounds like: it’s just a session, but it’s something more. This is a sesh where many of the best skiers in the world come together for a week in Sweden and have the time of their life. No musts, no pressure, no judges. Just a week full of skiing with infinite smiles and meeting new people doing while doing what they love. Biggest shout out to Kim Boberg for putting this insane event together year after year.

SKIER: Benjamin Carlund
SKIER: Douglas Källsbo
SKIER: Pär "Peyben" Hägglund
SKIER: Jens "Jnilla" Nilsson
SKIER: Joel Magnusson
SKIER: Pär "Peyben" Hägglund
SKIER: Samuel Ålander
SKIER: Emil Granbom
Riders of the Week: Jake "Mango" Mageau (left) & Colby Stevenson (right)
SKIER: Phil "BDog" Casabon
SKIER: Ferdinand Dahl
SKIER: Forster Meeks
SKIER: Maximilliam "Bmack" Smith
SKIER: Benjamin Carlund