Henrik Lampert wins the 2008 Fantasy Freeride League

Henrik Lampert wins the 2008 Fantasy Freeride League

It’s over. After a long season (not including WSI) of competitions—X Games, US Open, North American Open, and many, many more—that can only mean one thing: Fantasy Freeride has come to an end. With thousands upon thousands of competitors vying for the top spot, this year’s winner falls into the hands of a Boulderite. Head and Scott team rider Henrik Lampert has claimed the title as this year’s champion. We caught up with the winner to get a few words from him about his FFL season.

Freeskier: Hey there Henrik, how how do you feel about your win this season for FFL?

Henrik: I couldn’t be more pleased, Shay. It was a lot of hard work, in the form of research, phone calls and scouting prior to each event. My hard work certainly payed off, this win earns me not only a slew of product but also endless bragging rights.

FS: Were you confident coming into this season, what with the X Games being the first (and most important) event of the FFL season?

HL: Of course, confidence is the name of this game. In the weeks leading up to the X-Games, I spent many hours hiding in the trees, spying on the athletes at Keystone where they were training. I knew who was skiing well, and they all pulled through for me.

FS: You beat out more than roughly 11,000 people for this title, how’s that make you feel?

HL: I can’t even put it into words, Shay. I have tons of analogies running through my head right now… kid on christmas morning, pig in mud, etc… but nothing compares to this. It’s truly one of the biggest honors of my life.

FS: With that kind of excitement I’d assume that you would be ready for an even better and bigger FFL season next year?

HL: Well, Shay, I think it’s a bit early to be looking ahead to next season; I’d like to bask in the glory for at least a few weeks before I start scouting again. But, I’ll be taking notes and analyzing video of the athletes this summer, so you can bet I’ll be in a good position right off the bat next season, and certainly in contention for a back-to-back win.

FS: Well, sounds like you have got your game plan on lock. Congratulations and we’ll see you next year.

HL: Thanks so much.

Good luck to everybody next time around. We know that there were some issues with FFL this year and we want to thank everyone for bearing with us and playing and we will make FFL even better next time around. Congratulations to Henrik Lampert and we will be contacting prize winners in the coming weeks!



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