Have Boots, Will Travel

Have Boots, Will Travel

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Haus Quiver is here to disrupt ski ownership

Imagine for a moment what it means to be an avid skier: Whether you’re living at the base of a ski area or traveling from the Big City, there’s a passion for the sport that drives you to the brink. You froth when you see a storm brewing. You’re fixated on the latest and greatest and you love talking about it with like-minded skiers. For the die-hards, there’s a common ground, no matter where you’re coming from—you just can’t wait to get back on the slopes. And, now, there’s a completely new way to experience mountain culture and get your hands on the freshest gear. 

Gravity Haus is a hotel and hospitality concept that, at its core, is designed to connect like-minded adventurers and nurture the mountain community. Think: FREESKIER readers all living under one roof in mid-winter while snow piles up on the mountain just outside the lobby window. With stay-and-play locations in Breckenridge and Vail, Colorado—and, coming soon, Winter Park—full-scale training and spa facilities, and an in-house guide service, Gravity Haus is more than a hip place to rest your head. Along with the aforementioned services, it offers fine dining and artisanal coffee, communal workspaces, opportunities to gather during member-based workshops and, now, a fleet of the newest skis to use during your stay.

“We were trying to bring accessibility and affordability to mountain communities; where to stay, where to play, who to play with and how to provide access to the best toys. We wanted to reinvent mountain resort hospitality,” explains Gravity Haus Founder, Jim Deters. “We truly believe that we’re in the experience business not the hotel business. At Gravity Haus, we’re making an inclusive community. We want [to provide] amazing outdoor experiences with other new friends and comrades.”

New for this winter, the Haus Quiver aims to disrupt ski ownership by providing an extensive roster of brand new skis from K2, Icelantic and Faction. Targeted at skiing’s core—yeah, we’re talking to you—the Haus Quiver works for locals and out-of-towners, alike. It’s like having a personal ski locker at the base of the mountain, chock full of perfectly tuned, easy-to-grab skis for any type of weather.

Signing up for Haus Quiver via an annual subscription offers local riders the chance to adapt their ski choice based on conditions; let’s say it’s dumping and you want to ride a pow-hunting, 115-underfoot ski, but don’t own one. With Haus Quiver, you’ll have access to a complete range of skis with different shapes and styles to match the snow conditions. For the traveling skier, Haus Quiver has hubs in Park City, Utah, Crested Butte, Colorado, Heavenly, California, Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia and elsewhere, and a subscription to Haus Quiver means you can forgo traveling with that bulky ski bag, avoid expensive airline fees and just bring your boots on the plane. Boom—easy peasy, just how we like it. 

Deters says,“The program is really aimed at the avid Front Range [Colorado] skier that wants an alternative to the main pair of skis he or she already has or just doesn’t want to take the risk and buy a new set up this year. Every year, there are new technologies, new camber profiles, new materials; for the price of [roughly] two demos, you get a whole season worth of access.” In the future, Haus Quiver will also expand its gear closet and offer mountain bike demos in warm weather months for folks who spend every season adventuring in the mountains. 

To make it effortless, the entire process is centralized on the Haus Quiver mobile app which allows you to pick your skis, make a reservation and skip the line when you arrive to grab your new twigs. Just a quick binding adjustment from the experts and you’re out on the hill. Think of it as your very own Ski Test, where you have access to an entire fleet of skis, can experiment with different shapes, sizes, lengths and sidecuts, and find the ones that best suit your style. Simply said, Haus Quiver offers peace of mind: You’ll experience no-hassle travel and avoid the cost of transportation gear and gain access to perfectly maintained equipment at strategically located hubs, without the cost and bothers of ownership.

Looking ahead, Gravity Haus also plans to establish a forum through its app that enables skiers to write reviews and read commentary from other subscribers—community building through gear reviews. “You’re always going to trust someone in your inner circle… the feedback is far more valuable when it’s directly within your circle of influence,” notes Deters. 

If this sounds like your cup of tea, it’s easy to sign up. Gravity Haus operates on a subscription basis with different tiers providing increased access to its hotel, facilities and events, and Haus Quiver can be accessed through any level of membership at Gravity Haus. Those memberships are as low as 20 dollars per month, with a Haus Quiver add-on for 25 dollars per month.  Alternatively, you can purchase Gravity Haus’ “All-In” membership for $160 per month, in which case, Haus Quiver is included. This season, at the lowest entry point, you can become a Haus Quiver skier for just 45 dollars a month—pretty much what you’re already spending on coffee—and you’ll have access to a wide range of perfectly tuned, FREESKIER-approved twigs.