Gus Kenworthy Wins the 2012 Dumont Cup Slopestyle

Gus Kenworthy Wins the 2012 Dumont Cup Slopestyle


Your 2012 Dumont Cup Champ: Gus Kenworthy

And for the fourth year in a row here at the Dumont Cup in Sunday River, Maine, we've got a new winner. Following a long line of sensational slopestyle skiers—Tom Wallisch, Alex Schlopy, Nick Goepper—Mr. Gus Kenworthy has taken home the win. Kenworthy, who finished second to Nick Goepper last year, has finally triumphed in Maine, capping off an incredibly successful competition day. Not forgetting about last year's champion, Nick Goepper put up a valiant fight and ended the day in second place. And now a three-time podium placer here at the Dumont Cup, Joss Christensen took third.

While the competitors had three runs to put it down, Kenworthy landed his winning run on his second go 'round. His started off by doing a K-Fed on the down-flat-down rail (frontside switch up to back 270 out). He then did a 360 switch up to 270 off of the pole jam to wall ride rail feature. His first jump consisted of a rightside 900 lead tail. The second jump Gus put down a switch double flip 900 Japan and whereas the third contained a double cork 1260 mute grab. Gus, for lack of a better word, was perfect today, making short work of the course here at Sunday River.


Third place finisher Joss Christensen amidst a switch rightside 1260

Nick Goepper, who has been on a tear this year, started his run off with a lip slide 270 on the down rail to front 270 off. He then switch 270'd on to pretzel 270 out of the wall ride rail feature. His first jump was a switch misty 900 blunt, while his second was a switch leftside double flip 900 Japan. His third and final jump was a double cork 1260 mute grab. Goepper held the first place spot today, albeit briefly after the first run scores came in.


The generous Dumont dropping off some Oakley swag.

Joss Christensen who adds another podium notch to his belt at the Dumont Cup, started things off by going switch on to front 450 off the down rail. Joss also opted for the pole jam to wall ride rail where he backside 450'd off. His first jump was a switch 900 mute grab, his second jump was a double cork 1260 mute and his final jump was a switch rightside 1260 leading tail. This marks Joss' third podium at the Dumont Cup: a second place in 2009 and 2010 were his other Dumont Cup podium finishes.


Backflips for Jossi Wells.


Gus Kenworthy messin' around with some 720s.

The day started with 30+ competitors in a two-run, best of semifinal bout, with twelve moving on to finals. Last year's winner Nick Goepper was pre qualified straight into finals, making his morning presence more practice than competition. The day started gray and warm but steadily the sun broke through and the day became glorious. The sun was shining down, DJ Treatz was playing tunes, Luke Van Valin was permeating the airwaves, Simon and co. were raining down swag and the competitors were going off.


The UK's best, James Woods.

Highlights included little Willie Borm putting down double cork 1080s and 1260s to the bottom of the third jump. Semifinal's top qualifier Ryan Wyble was stylishly dropping switch 1080s all over the place. Ian Cosco put down a double backflip which the crowd very much enjoyed. Jossi Wells was mellow most of the day before cranking it to 11 and putting down a double cork 1260 without a second thought. Kolby Ward showed why he deserved to be in finals (see below). Lucas Evans managed a double misty flip 900 on the very first run of the day. James Woods came all the way from the UK to show off his left and rightside mint double corks.


Nick Goepper goes inverted.

But alas, another Dumont Cup comes to a close, and thus the ski industry migrates away from the East Coast. Kudos to Simon and all the sponsors and event organizers for making it happen here in New England. Stay tuned for full results from the event. And don't forget that today's event was an AFP platinum level slopestyle, so things will be a changing over at the AFP. For the full story on who moves up and down, check out the AFP Slopestyle World Rankings page.


 Podium L-R: Joss Christensen (3rd), Gus Kenworthy (1st), Nick Goepper (2nd)

Finals results:
1_ Gus Kenworthy – 96.0
2_ Nick Goepper – 94.0
3_ Joss Christensen – 90.7
4_ Jossi Wells – 85.0
5_ James Woods – 84.3
6_ Wilie Borm – 83.7
7_ Charles Gagnier – 82.3
8_ Ryan Wyble – 81.3
9_ Alex Beaulieu – 77.7
10_ Andy Partridge – 77.0
11_ Dale Talkington – 71.0
12_ Sam Lagrange – 70.7
13_ Kolby Ward – 67.3


Kolby Ward

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