Gus Kenworthy Sweeps the Aspen/Snowmass Open

Gus Kenworthy Sweeps the Aspen/Snowmass Open

Chances are you weren’t at the Aspen/Snowmass open, that’s why we have a banger video from finals. Watch it before you read the story:

First up, it should be known that the Aspen/Snowmass Open is one of (if not) the largest open events in the game. With the US Open, Opens Freeski and other smaller feeder events falling by the wayside due to the tough economic times the ASO has risen to become the proving grounds for today’s up and coming talent.

Over the last four days we’ve seen athletes from across the globe compete on one of the most challenging slopestyle courses ever created. Until you’ve had first-hand experience riding through this gauntlet you have no idea what these cats are subjected to. Rails and jumps are so tight that there is literally NO room for mistakes. The second you land a trick you’re presented with the next element. Land wrong or looking in the wrong direction and you’re immediately exposed. That being said, there is no better proving ground for the next generation of freeskiing superstars.

After a lengthy qualifying around of over 160 competitors we whittled the list down to a select 10 this afternoon. The qualifying heats were both lengthy and impressive. At the end of the day the X Games course here at Buttermilk separated the boys from men and we had ourself a contest this afternoon with familiar competition skiers squaring off with relative unknowns. It’s because of events like this we’re exposed to relatively unknown riders who have been honing their skills at their home mountains for occasions like this.

Taking first place today was a man that is no stranger to the podium at the Aspen/Snowmass Open. You read about his high-flying antics in the superpipe a couple of days ago. Of course, we’re referring to Gus Kenworthy. Kenny G had himself another epic day of riding here at the Aspen/Snowmass Open, piecing himself a winning run that swelled his bank account by another $5,000. Gus has won so much money this week that Wells Fargo flagged his account for suspicious activity due to the absurd amount of cash deposits he’s been making. We’d love to bring you step by step through his entire winning run, however we feel that this information is best dealt by the man himself. So read the results below and press play on the videos and find out what these young gentlemen were putting down.

Men’s Slopestyle Results
1. Gus Kenworthy – 89
2. Aidan Sheahan – 83
3. Erik Hughes – 82.33
4. Tim McChesney – 82
5. James Woods – 81.33
6. Ben Moxham – 81
7. Karl Fostvedt – 77
8. Luke Nutting – 73.66
9. Jeff Kiesel – 62.33
10. Cody Ling – 55.16

Kenny G is straight flossin’ with $10,000 in prize money earned over the past four days. Yo Gus, can I get half?

Here’s Gus, bringing us through his run.

Aidan Sheahan gets in front of the camera to kick us some knowledge about his 2nd place finishing run:

Mayor McCheese fills us in about his shenanigans.

Women’s Slopestyle Results
1. Ashley Battersby – 86.33
2. Meg Olenick – 79.83
3. Devin Logan – 62.83

Ashley Battersby brings us through her winning slopestyle run.

Note to the park staff, we need your addresses since you’re now on our Christmas card list. Excellent work out there.

The top of the drop. SPT killing it.

Kristi Leskinen was on course selecting some lucky ladies for her competition in PA next weekend as well as receiving numerous Valentine requests.

Aspen, it’s awesome.

Here’s the judging / announcing / scoring perch at the base of the course. We had heat this season, that was pretty huge.

Skullcandy always comes correct with an abundance of swag and prizes.

Local hero: Tae Wescott

Gettin’ hitched.


Mega-Mo (Meg Olenick)


Big-Ups to Drew “The Fatman” Lederer for shooting some 720p24 today. Jea.

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