Grete Days

Grete Days

  • Woke Up
  • Breakfast – Grilled Cheese : )
  • mday.jpg
  • Drop off video at Red Box
  • Get a new Oakley watch fitted
  • mclock.jpg
  • mnutcrackers.jpg
  • mskinutcrack.jpg
  • Race Go-Karts – I beat 10 random dudes at the track, they did not know what they were up against. GRETE BOBBY!
  • Book a flight to Kristi Leskinen’s Contest in March
  • Pick up Oil for the Sled
  • Pick up “Eclipse” the 3rd Twilight Series Book
  • Nails!
  • mnails.jpg
  • Meeting with the crew
  • Dinner – Planover Pepper-steak
  • mdinner.jpg
  • DL new Music: check out this song Read more…

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