Greg Hill, Two Mill

Greg Hill, Two Mill


News has been circulating like crazy around the web, so perhaps you've already heard: backcountry.com athlete Greg Hill recently reached his goal of skiing two million vertical feet within one calendar year. And what's more? No chairlifts involved.

He hiked and climbed the whole damn way. To put it in perspective, you'd have to summit and shred down Everest 69 times in order to reach the two million mark. Hill completed his feat on December 30 at Rogers Pass, not far from his home in Revelstoke, BC; he was surrounded by family and friends.

When it was all said and done, Hill remarked, “The incredible feeling of no longer having this immense goal looming over my days is amazing. So much has gone into this tiny number on my watch — so much dedication, perseverance and passion. We all have dreams. I’ve realized that the fact is… if you work hard enough it is possible to accomplish them.”

The achievement of this unprecedented milestone had us all wondering, "how in the blazes is that even possible?" To shed some light on how it all unfolded, we caught up with the man himself. Greg provided us with a comprehensive list of numbers that define his quest; we imagine you'll find these statistics to be slightly more intriguing than those you encountered in your high school math class.

1 – Smoking volcano summit – Villarrica Volcano, Chile.

1 – Hotspring that he skied to.

1 – Wedding ring lost, and later recovered (on account of losing weight in his hands/fingers).

4 – Countries skied in: Argentina, Chile, the United States, and Canada.

4 – Pairs of skis used.

9 – Possible first descents.

40 – Pounds of gear strapped to his back on average during each session.

71 – Peaks climbed during the quest.

77 – Days that he logged more than 10,000 ft.

163 – His weight (lbs) at both the start and end of his mission.

266 – Total days spent hiking and skiing toward his goal.

1,039 – Runs skied.

1,934 – Average run length (ft.).

6,000 – Calories consumed on a typical day to keep his weight steady.

7,570 – Ft. skied per day, on average.

8,500 – Ft. skied on his longest run: Lanin Volcano, Chile.

16,644 – Ft. at his highest summit: Mt. Steele, St -Elias Range, Yukon.

23,070 – Ft. covered on his biggest day.

238,000 – Ft. skied during his busiest month, December

1:30 PM on December 30 – When his watch registered two million vertical ft. He reached his goal one full day before the official deadline.

And there you have it! Pretty darn impressive. On behalf of the entire Freeskier team, congratulations Greg on a job well done. 

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