Good on ya Mate! Armada Goes to NZ Part III

Good on ya Mate! Armada Goes to NZ Part III

Words and Photos by Chris O’Connell

“Okay Mates, this boat has 525 horsepower and only needs 100 milimeters of water to go 90 kilometers per hour, so keep your hands inside the boat at all times.” Our jet boat pilot had run this river a few thousand times before, but the water was high and we were getting extra special treatment at Shotover Jet, the most famous Jet Boat operation in the world located just outside of Queenstown.

It was insane; the walls of the canyon were so close you could easily touch them. The precision and power was pretty much out of control. We did a bunch of 360s too which were pretty fun, JP tried to jump out of the boat during one, but we pulled him back in.

After jet boating, we went to Queenstown to O’Connell’s Shopping Centre, which is the coolest shopping place in the world and we also ate Fergburgers, which is a must do in QTown.

After that, to complete the day, we took the Skyline Gondola up to do the luge, eat a traditional Kiwi dinner and watch a Maori Haka Dance. It was a big day, I felt like Chevy Chase in Vacation, but working. Everyone had a bunch of fun, we ate some great food and did some serious luge runs.

Some more skiing went down in Snowpark and more new tricks were learned and the park was perfect as usual. And oh yeah, did I mention that there were some more beautiful sunsets?

We must bid farewell to all our Kiwi friends and thank them for their hospitality, it was an awesome time and we will be back before you know it

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