Goin goin back back to Cali Cali.

Goin goin back back to Cali Cali.

We love our Toyota Sequoia. It kicks ass. Sonar sensing cruise control, reverse camera, DVD player, and power everything is what we got in our “Platnum” version. So packing it up with gear for a trip across Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, California and back is no big deal. Simply plug in the coordinates into the navicomputer, and you are on your way.

Once you are up to ramming speed, set the cruise control and forget about it. The sonar sensing cruise control finds little cars on the road for you to crush.

Side roads? You bet. Especially in rural Nevada. Best place to see an alien I’m told

Once we got to Squaw, we picked up a few random photogs, filmers and pros. Nate and Tyler ride shotgun together because Squaw can be a dangerous hood and you need all the eyes you can get to watch out for car jackers.

And on the way home, why not shred up the Bonneville salt flats? No land speed records were set, but we certainly left riding a little dirtier. Thanks Toyota for the pimp ass whip.

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