Goal0: Power To Go Anywhere

Goal0: Power To Go Anywhere

What started as a philanthropic endeavor to help get power the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo has turned into a product that is providing reliable, portable power to people all over the globe, including backcountry skiers.

Founder Robert Workmen’s idea has flourished into the company Goal0. “Goal0 was started to help provide power to those people who didn’t have any. It has a philanthropic background and now is being used by all types of people,” he says.

Robert Workman showing people of the Congo how to use Goal0.

Goal0’s products range from compact power that fits in your backpack to large solar panels and big storage packs that live at base camps and large events.

For backcountry enthusiasts who need to charge phones, GPS devices or other safety toals, check out Goal0’s Nomad 7M. The Nomad 7M is an ultra compact solar panel with a USB and 12 Volt charger built in. It weights just 13 ounces and is durable enough to handle excursions in the backcountry.

Ingrid straps the Nomad 7M to her pack to assure her iPod and other battery operated devices stay charged. (photo: Adam Clark)

“We believe in zero boundaries, zero apathy, and zero regrets,” says Chris Meek, CMO of Goal0 and endurance athlete. Like their product, Goal0 also has a list of adventurers like Ingrid Backstrom who are breaking their own boundaries. “We have athletes like Ingrid at Goal0 because we want them to test our products and give us feedback on how they work in the field. Ingrid is just getting back from Chile, where she had the chance to use some new products we have,” says Meeks.

For more visit www.goal0.com.

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