GIV + Jon Hartman: an Interview

GIV + Jon Hartman: an Interview

For Halloween we sat down with Pure Evil himself, Mr. Jon Hartman. We picked at his brain and it tasted just fine. The following is our conversation with our new family member. Hope you kiddies enjoy…read on>>>>
GIV – well where you at right now?

Jon – my apartment- denver colorado 0′ N 105° 16′ W

GIV – How is it down there compared to Boulder?

Jon – Well there are lots less hippies which is a good thing, and I go to school down here so that’s nice. I like it a lot better, I’m kind of a city person and there is enough urban down here to kill a mule so that’s an all around plus.

pole bonk.jpg

GIV – How’d you get into skiing?

Jon – Well I grew up in new york in the city so I didn’t have much of a chance just weekend trips to Hunter and Whindam when I was a little kid – then around middle school my parents moved to colrado and I just got the chance to ski a lot and really fell in love with it.

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