Get Safe With RECCO’s White Book by TGR

Get Safe With RECCO’s White Book by TGR

It’s dumping right now across most of the Western US and even though many of us have benefited from a fairly stable snowpack for some time, the landscape is changing by the foot (!) as I watch it nuke outside my window here in northwestern WY. As enticing as the backcountry goods are at this time of year, it’s important to remember that avalanches can erase you from the map just as thoroughly in late March as in late December. This is a good time to tighten your game in the late season as the goods pile up and the winds howl up high.

RECCO has provided a great resource in the TGR-filmed White Book movie. Watch gnarly lines, scary avy footage and great advice from the likes of Sage, Ian Mac, Lynsey D, Roner and Dash. Whether you are thinking about leaving resort boundaries for the first time or you consider yourself a seasoned backcountry traveler, The White Book will give you an entertaining and sobering overview of the danger involved and how you can work to make yourself stay as safe as possible.

Without further ado, peep these clips, share with your friends and be safe out there!

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