Gallery: Maddie Bowman hosts the second all-women’s, “Recess” at Sierra-at-Tahoe

Gallery: Maddie Bowman hosts the second all-women’s, “Recess” at Sierra-at-Tahoe

Maddie Bowman has quite the record. Winning record, that is. The Olympic and X Games gold medalist is one of the most decorated athletes in skiing. But, instead of taking that success and using it to separate herself from her competitors, she has instead been using it to raise up her sport.

This year marks the second time that Bowman has hosted “Recess”— an all-women’s gathering at her home resort, Sierra-at-Tahoe. Aimed at providing a fun, stress-free environment for ladies to ski, hang out and progress, it is truly a unique event. This year it was attended by Devin Logan, Brita Sigourney, Taylor Lundquist, Nikki Blackall, Dania Assaly, Abigale Hansen, Zoe Kalapos, Carly Margulies, Darian Stevens, Jenna Dramise and Kimmy Sharp.

“I was so stoked to see everyone getting creative and out of their comfort zones,” said Bowman. “It reminded me how expressive and liberating skiing can be, especially when sharing it with your friends. The event brought together a rad group of girls who may have never gotten a chance to ski together otherwise.”

Left to right: Zoe Kalapos, Nikki Blackall, Maddie Bowman, Darian Stevens and Dania Assaly watching the action go down.

What’s more, the 23-year-old took it upon herself to bring together sponsors, organize the event and make it an absolute blast for all involved. Sierra-at-Tahoe donated the cat time to make and maintain the park and, through a lot of hard work, the event came together.

“This was an event by a lady for the ladies,” says photographer Zach Doleac, who shot the event. “Maddie didn’t have to spend her special projects budget putting on a semi-stressful event for the other ladies she competes with. She could have used the money to go ski the Fjords of Norway, or to go heliskiing in AK or to go on a hut trip in British Columbia. That’s what I would have done. But she didn’t.”

Brita Sigourney giving Bowman a little love on her way down the pipe.

In such a competitive sport, it’s inspiring to see women gathering to ski and support each other. Check out the photos, below, to get a glimpse of the action from #Recess17.

All photos by Zach Doleac

Devin Logan strikes a pose while Carly Margulies spins over her.

Taylor Lundquist on the shark fin.

Darian Stevens sends it huge off one of the many jumps at Sierra-at-Tahoe.

Carly Margulies mid-3 on the shark fin.

Taylor Lundquist, ready for business.

Maddie Bowman and Kimmy Sharp getting a sled ride to the top.

Nikki Blackall with the truck driver grab on the shark fin.

Devin Logan mid-3 on the shark fin.

Taylor Lundquist on the shark fin.

Carly Margulies gives the camera some tongue.

Maddie Bowman styles one out over the hip.

Taylor Lundquist with a handplant on the hip.

The ladies getting hyped to go session a down rail in the rain.

Left to right: Dania Assaly, Maddie Bowman and Nikki Blackall teaming up to hit this feature.

Left to right: Carly Margulies, Nikki Blackall and Devin Logan lounging during a snack break.

Darian Stevens mid-spin on the BMX jumps.

Darian Stevens sliding the down rail.

Devin Logan grabbing safety.

Darian Stevens on the hip.

Olympic gold medalist. X Games champ. Event organizer. Maddie Bowman.

Darian Stevens hiking a rail feature.

Left to right: Nikki Blackall, Maddie Bowman, Zoe Kalapos, Darian Stevens and Dania Assaly. The five of them braved a little snow and rain to session on the down day.

Abigale Hansen slashing the pipe as Carly Margulies airs out.

Taylor Lundquist slashing her way down the pipe.



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