Fun in the Sun: Alternatives to Summer Ski Camp

Fun in the Sun: Alternatives to Summer Ski Camp

This summer a few lucky kids will get the chance to head to Mt. Hood, Whistler, South America, or maybe even New Zealand to strap on the skis. But if you are part of the other 99% and are stuck hanging out at the local 7-11, watching MTV re-runs, we have a few solutions.

The Backyard Set-Up

First off, mow a few lawns, babysit your annoying younger sibling, or walk your elderly neighbors dogs to gather a few dollars. Once you are rolling in the Benjamin’s head on down to your local home depot to get some wood and other building materials.

Once you have all the proper components to put together a nice little set up, get building and before you know it you will have your own backyard set up. Get as creative as you want and have some fun.

Take note from some of these youngsters who have successfully created some quality summer backyard set ups.


Have a dead patch of grass in your yard? Want one? Convince your parents to cover it up with a trampoline! You can pick up one of these bad boys up at your local Costco, Sports Authority, Target, and many other fine sporting goods stores.

With a tramp you can get your doubles, backflips, and flatspins on point for next season. Oh and make sure to grab your friends because you have to have someone to give you that “super” bounce.

If you have two trampolines and are really good you can even do this…

Water Ramps

If you live near a body of water that is deep enough to jump into, get after it. Whip out a pair of old skis and boots, build a drop in and take off and you have a water ramp.

We do realize however that it’s not always that easy so we’ve compiled a list of some locations that already have water ramps that you can hit.

Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club Water Ramps

Park City Water Ramps

Ohio Dreams Water Ramps

Quebec Water Ramps

Skating, Biking, and other Athletic Shenanigans

This might seem like a no brainer but all these athletic activities will keep you on your game for next season. Not to mention they will all help you get your bod right for those pool days when you are trying to impress the honeys ( dudes for the ladies). Also, it beats just sitting on the couch.

Now that you have a few options get out there and have some fun and lastly, do not forget to BBQ, roast some marshmallows, play night games, TP your friends house, and indulge in the many options that summer offers.

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