Fridchof Fredriksson wins the Swedish Open. Gets a key to JOI.

Fridchof Fredriksson wins the Swedish Open. Gets a key to JOI.

Ã…re, not only the spot where the world’s best freeskiers gather to hit the world’s best jump builder’s jump, but it is also a place where the next generation, the blossoming talent of the sport, come to compete in the Swedish Open, and a chance to win a spot to the Jon Olsson Invitational Big Air.

The rain and wind and flat light reared their ugly heads today, but competitors were not scared, rather, they took the bull by the horns and slayed the slopestyle course. Mr. Jon Olsson was on hand to Emcee, judge and maintain the slopestyle course, proving once again that he is Mr. Wonderful. Two distinct jam sessions gave way to a two-run traditional final. The jam session allowed for the hordes of competitors to showcase their best stuff for Jon. If they fell once, who cares, they have 3 hours to impress the Swedish King.

Kangaroos, switch dub flats, forward 1080s, and even a flare screamin’ seamen, were dropped today. While there was great riding from the whole, there was certainly an upper tier, with names like Bennedick Mayer, Fridchof Fredriksson, Oscar Harlaut and Lasse Nyangen in the field. But in the end it was Fridchof who bested Steffen Hammre and Niklas Eriksson for the win. Fridchof also won himself a silver JOI key and a spot at tomorrow’s premiere big air, the Jon Olsson Super Sessions. And cry not, 2nd and 3rd, for you two also won keys and spots to the coveted JOI, to compete against previous winner PK Hunder and the rest of the Jon Olsson Super Sessions jump crew. Even American pimps like Mke Clarke and Teen Heartthrob Bobby Brown have flown all the way up here to compete tomorrow.

So stay tuned for tomorrow’s big air and Saturday’s JOSS Awards, all here from Ã…re, Sweden. Check out the JOSupersessions.com and Jon-Olsson.com for video updates from all the mayhem going on here. Big ups to Comviq and Ã…re and Jon Olsson for a great day at the Comviq Swedish Open.

Men’s Top 3

1) Fridchof Fredriksson
2) Steffen Hammre
3) Niklas Eriksson

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