FREESKIER Ski Test: Polaroids from the best week of the year

FREESKIER Ski Test: Polaroids from the best week of the year

Close your eyes and… well, wait, don’t do that. Keep your eyes open—it’ll be easier to read that way. Now, imagine a world without coronavirus, without physical distancing; a world in which we freely ski from bell-to-bell, clink mugs of frosty beer at an après-ski party and cram as many friends as we please into the hot tub. It’s a world where skiing is top of mind, where we feel the G-forces of long, arching turns down meticulously groomed trails, the bounces and bumps of skittering through mogul fields and the sugary goodness of blasting through untouched powder snow. This is the world in which our annual FREESKIER Ski Test took place, and the best part is it wasn’t make believe. 

In March 2020, we invited more than 50 of our closest friends—local ski heroes, collegiate gate bashers, ski blade enthusiasts and everyone in between—as well as folks from our favorite brands from across the industry to ski hard and party hard for one week straight. Hangovers at first chair were commonplace, as were party laps under the Ajax Express lift. We missed some grabs, but always “got the shot” and we tested the hell out of hundreds of skis. The blissful ignorance of not knowing a pandemic was looming…

In this gallery, we’re reliving the good times. Let your mind wander as you explore some of our favorite images from Ski Test, a selection of photographs that provide a glimpse into our week-long testing process. But, before you dive in, it’s best to prepare accordingly: throw on a jean jacket (with the sleeves torn off, duh), your favorite speed shades and, heck, maybe even buckle up your ski boots. Once you’re ready, scroll through the following series of photos for an inside look at the madness that is our annual Ski Test.