FREESKIER Buyer’s Guide Spotlight: Dragon Alliance PXV Goggle

FREESKIER Buyer’s Guide Spotlight: Dragon Alliance PXV Goggle

Welcome to a special Brand Guide installment of Gear Spotlight from FREESKIER. Here, we provide a close-up, brand-specific look at the equipment and accessories we want you to keep an eye out for. Can’t get enough gear? Click here to see our entire 2020 Buyer’s Guide.

Dragon PXV w/ Lumalens

Buy Now – $180

Dragon Alliance is at the top of its game heading into this winter and the PXV, with its toric, contrast-enhancing lens, is the superstar of its starting lineup. Plenty of venting to prevent fogging and a baker’s dozen of lens colors and strap styles—check out that lurking shark on the strap, above— enhance the goggle’s frameless, clean aesthetic. Bottom line: Dragon’s PXV is a FREESKIER-favorite.

FREESKIER ski tester Parks Thomson airs out in the PXV. | PHOTO: Rachel Bock

About Dragon’s Lumalens Technology:

California-based Dragon Alliance is here to enhance your experience on the hill with its color optimization technology, coined Lumalens. Constructed specifically to enhance color vividness, increase contrast, allow for better depth perception and reduce eye fatigue, these lenses—offered on both of the goggle featured above—are ready for every type of weather and lighting condition Mother Nature can throw your way. The technology works by fine-tuning the light from the sun as it passes through the lens: uncomfortable UV-blue rays are lessened, while green and red lightwaves pass through without problem, resulting in the slew of aforementioned benefits.

What sets the Dragon’s Lumalens technology apart is its price-point and varied tinting options. Unlike brands with similar color boosting lens tech that up-charge for this effective treatment, every goggle Dragon offers comes standard with Lumalens lenses—and, more often than not, you’re getting one hi-light lens for sunny days and a second, low-light lens for when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Replacement lenses can also be purchased individually, so you can hone your lens quiver to your local environment and conditions, no matter if you’re buying price-point or pro model goggles.

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