[Framed] The photo gallery, Volume 25 Issue 02

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[Framed] The photo gallery, Volume 25 Issue 02

The shots in our gallery will transport you to places beyond your imagination. Let these captured moments in time inspire you on your next adventure.

SKIER: Cody Cirillo
PHOTO: Colton Jacobs
LOCATION: Revelstoke, BC

SKIER: Austin Ross
PHOTO: Guy Fattal
LOCATION: Whistler, BC

SKIER: Jonathan Rollins
PHOTO: Craig Barker
LOCATION: Pemberton, BC

SKIER: Dennis Ranalter
PHOTO: Bryan Ralph
LOCATION: Sentry Lodge, BC

SKIER: Todd Ligare
PHOTO: Daniel Stewart
LOCATION: Retallack, BC

SKIER: Carter MacMillan
PHOTO: Ryan Creary
LOCATION: Cherryville, BC

SKIER: Mainio Ormio
PHOTO: Arttu Heikkinen
LOCATION: Helsinki, Fin

SKIER: William Larsson
PHOTO: Elias Lundh
LOCATION: Engelberg, Che

SKIER: Bine Zalohar
PHOTO: Matthew Tufts
LOCATION: Chamonix, Fra

SKIER: Josh Absenger
PHOTO: Christop Johann
LOCATION: Flachauwinkl, Aut

This story originally appeared in FREESKIER Volume 25, Issue 02.
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