FIVE THINGS: Keep the ski industry thriving with these easy ways to give back

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FIVE THINGS: Keep the ski industry thriving with these easy ways to give back

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It’s without surprise that the outdoor industry has been hit hard by the omnipresent coronavirus. The illness has cut ski season short, closed backcountry access in North America and urged skiers across the globe to hunker down at home for the time-being. Companies small and large have taken drastic measures to prevent shuddering doors, but there are ways that we can give back to the brands we cherish most in these times of need. Here, we’ve outlined five ways you can help your favorite outdoor brands during these unprecedented times. Long live small businesses—long live skiing!

Buy gift cards to redeem in the Fall

Simply said, without their regular flow of customers, brick-and-mortar retailers and online marketplaces are experiencing a lack of revenue. Spending $50, $100 or more on a gift card to redeem at your favorite local retailer helps put money back into the business, even if you’re not buying something right now. Consider your purchase of a gift card as a donation that you’ll redeem later for some rad gear.

Share brand-specific content

Keep your brand loyalty at the forefront of your mind and re-share athlete edits, product promotions and other media that catches your attention. Spread the word about your favorite brands by simply adding a post to your Instagram story or sharing a link on Facebook to help keep the stoke alive for your favorite ski manufacturers, apparel brands and athletes.

Shop online for the biggest savings

Brands like Boston’s premier ski retailer, The Ski Monster, are holding BIG sales right now—up to 50% off this year’s outerwear, hardgoods and accessories with code #THISISCRAZY. This is your chance to grab some brand spankin’ new gear at jaw-dropping prices. Pay it forward to your local ski shop or favorite online retailer by getting new gear you’ll flaunt next season.

Keep the community close by participating in live streams, Q&As

With events, concerts and activities across the globe effectively put on hold for the next month, many brands are turning to social media to host interactive events, like live streams and athlete Q&A sessions, to keep the skiing community close. Check out WinterWonderGrass’ WWG TV live streams on Facebook and stay tuned for the next installment of live athlete hang outs with Armada Skis, just to name a couple.

Buy a new pair of skis goddammit!

Skiers will always find room in their quiver for a new pair of planks—and this might just be the best time to buy. From smaller brands like J Skis and 4FRNT, all the way up to industry veterans like Line Skis, K2 and Salomon, there are plenty of new shapes and styles to choose from. Put a smile on your face, give yourself something to look forward to next season—and help support your favorite ski companies—by purchasing a new set of skis. With over 300 pairs of skis featured in our annual Buyer’s Guide, we’re confident you’ll find a set that suits your style.